Replying to all the random individuals that seem to think that I’m “endorsing” one of the Fediverse products over any other, and seem to be making a big deal over #akkoma vs #mastodon etc.

That’s not the case. I’m actually a horrible MIS person, and I would never want to maintain my own server. I’m a programmer for chrissake!

The same way you should fear me if I hold a soldering iron, you should be very very nervous if I were to do any server management.

So all credit (or blame) for the choice of Fediverse platform goes to @monsieuricon, who maintains and just made it really easy for me to try this out.

… and on a similar note: not only am I not much of a MIS person, I’m also not much of a social networking person.

I foresee a lot of disappointment in the future of any followers of this account 🔮.