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I hate it when I implement something and then immediately think of a better way to do it.


Periodic reminder not to set your system hostname to "". I really don't want to see your cPanel alerts.

.plan files + finger = the original microblogging platform

meme shitpost
Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Carribbean saying "did you just try to use unescaped 8bit headers?"

Me: I'm not actually sending this via SMTP, so just parse and save this 8bit data on this perfectly 8-bit friendly medium.
Python (possessed by SMTP Elder Gods): *croaks and dies*
Me: *FFS*

Me: I just want to send this 8bit message, k?
SMTP Elder Gods: Repent, ye puny mortal.

@chrboe @axboe ... and you're using a protocol written to send 7bit messages that was later extended to handle 8bit data in 3 possible ways. :)

@axboe The latest master should hopefully fix it for you. At least I bloody well hope so. :) I'm grumpy at Python right now.

@axboe ok, it's probably the last couple of changes that aren't quite working out right (some due to Python bugs, grrr). I'll probably commit some fixes later today that will fix the problem for you.

@axboe which version is crashing? The current 0.11 dev?

Today is brought to you by an annoying email header corrupting bug in Python:

@a1ba I don't think he ever got over G+ shutting down. I think the only way we can get him on fediverse is if I write an email-to-fedi bridge. :)

re: Do you like Soviet Synthwave?
@captainepoch There's better work for sure, but it's from my childhood and I feel partial to it. :) Sometimes it's weird to realize that it was recorded in 1982 and still stands up well to synthwave recordings of today.

@heatinblack I guess that's one way to get rich through stock manipulation.

@brauner I wonder if I can make something like `b4 send --github-pr` 🤔

@brauner unfortunately, you can't push the branch description, as it exists only in your .git/config.

Before you ask, we'll be moving things over to RHEL 9 Very Soon Now (TM). It just required a lot of yaks to be shaved, and thankfully most of them are now looking pretty smooth. And likely very cold, because there's probably a good reason why yaks need all that fur.

Success, we can now fruitfully talk to the instance! Thanks to @tbr for relaxing their config a little bit to allow jankier crypto versions. :)

@brauner There's actually code in b4 that converts GH PRs into an mbox file that you can git-am. It's not well documented because I don't think anyone's ever used it, but if you're interested in trying it out, I'm happy to provide more info.

FYI, I'm working with to figure things out. Standby. :)