Krzysztof Kozlowski

Edited 10 months ago
For a year I have been keeping a branch on top of linux-next with all the cleanups and fixes for Qualcomm SoCs Devicetree sources. Goal is to pass DT schema validation someday (just like Samsung does). I update and rebase the branch frequently. I also add new patches to fix existing warnings. Unfortunately, the branch actually never gets smaller: I always have around 120-200 patches on top of linux-next. Always. Now, after rebasing on next-20230913 it is ~150 patches. Still 150 patches just cannot get applied...

If anyone tells you "Linux kernel development goes too fast", he is wrong. It's too slow. For one year I was able to create fixes much faster than people were applying then.

Branch is here if anyone wants to avoid duplicating work/effort: