Jarkko Sakkinen

Edited 4 months ago
This is my ultimate goal with #tior: a multiplexed #TTY and file transfer through serial. It won't happen fast I'm barely gettting #ZMODEM together and need to finish the UI for my client after that.

Here I've carved up high-level goal what I have in mind:

IMHO this is totally modern world thing. When I was still working e.g. with Nokia Linux phones security, earlier that on #Symbian, serial port was used a lot. Then it sort of phased out for a number of years in my work life but today with the maker community, all sorts of #SBC's and affordable #FPGA's the stocks are rising again. Of course if you've been all the time working on embedded, serial has been around for all this time. It is pretty weird that minicom and lrzsz still rock the world in that arena.

When you work on a a power on for a new hardware device, it is the first channel that gets usually enabled. And e.g. like any FPGA design or something you put to let's say to Arduino it is simplest route to get some communications on going.

So yeah, I really think this sort of endeavour does matter.