F.cks me up sometimes how we go on like there isn't a major war going on in Europe -- with tanks, shelling, minefields, incendiary bombing of suburbs, trench warfare... You know, that war where a crazed dictator invades a country with the sole goal to subjugate and exterminate its entire culture for speaking wrong, thinking wrong, and making the wrong kinds of choices.

Ever wondered what you'd do if you lived during WW2? It is whatever you're doing right now.

Ukraine is paying for this war with the blood of its fallen soldiers and civilians. If we don't give them all they need to win, fascism will grow stronger. If Ukraine does not prevail, it will be us and our children whose turn it will be to pay in blood when the cancer of fascism metastasizes to the next neighbour over.

Support Ukraine. Give them all they need to win. Slava heroyam.