Whenever I read Nathan Chancellors recaps I always go and look at what
my contributions look like (see
for his far more comprehensive retrospective than my own brief look).

In 2023 this is what they looked like:

Authored: 123
Reported: 8
Tested: 29
Acked: 412
Reviewed: 372

In comparison, 2022 looked like:

Authored: 181
Reported: 21
Tested: 28
Acked: 45
Reviewed: 92

Two rather different years in terms of my kernel contributions, that's
for sure. In March or April I started co-maintaining dt-bindings, which
is the reason for the massive growth in terms of ack/review tags.
The number that is there is probably also underselling the amount of
reviewing actually done, since I usually avoid leaving a tag on vN of a
patch when one of the other maintainers already has, even if I spent a
bunch of time reviewing v(N-1).

On another note, the number of reported-by tags dropped considerably - I
like to chalk that up to the riscv port becoming more stable :)