Krzysztof Kozlowski

Edited 1 month ago
Since a year we got some contributions for converting Devicetree bindings from TXT to DT schema as part of some sort mentorship programs. This is great although leads to some misunderstandings in that work, considering mentorships did not ask DT maintainers about some sort of guidance. To clarify:

1. Please convert bindings which have active DTS users. First choose bindings with DTS built by arm64 defconfig, then next choice by arm multi_v7 defconfig. Then any other ARM or different architecture DTS.

2. Be sure dt_bindings_check (including yamllint) and checkpatch pass without any warnings. See writing-schema.rst document.

3. Be sure DTS using this binding passes dtbs_check validation. If this means binding needs to be adapted during conversion, mention briefly in commit message changes done comparing to pure TXT->DT schema conversion. Sometimes DTS has to be fixed. Sometimes both - DTS and binding - must be changed, because actual ABI (Linux drivers) is different.