If you're wondering why you can't follow accounts from social.k.o, it's because we can't actually talk to them -- we can only do TLS1.2 maximum due to still being on RHEL7 for a little while longer, and they only allow TLS1.3.

@monsieuricon Ahh, makes a lot of sense! I was wondering why I couldn't see Arnd anywere!

FYI, I'm working with to figure things out. Standby. :)

Success, we can now fruitfully talk to the instance! Thanks to @tbr for relaxing their config a little bit to allow jankier crypto versions. :)

@monsieuricon and I blamed Husky /o\ which does seem to have some quirks btw, or it's also Pleroma? After clicking Follow I seem to need to refresh the person's profile to see all transitions of the button through Follow requested to Following, or later I find out the follow didn't go through.