@tommythorn or, you know, just make the architecture two-operand for integer instructions where the destructive write isn’t a big deal. That’s several bits for everything right there, not just immediates.

The same people who hate on two-operand architectures (“oh, no, destructive source”) often then think FORTH is cool. Strange.

(And yes, FORTH is cool. I’m just saying that there is a mental disconnect with the whole destructive source thing. The occasional “mov” instruction is no worse than a “dup” or “over”)


We have some kind of super-mole infestation in our front yard.

The mole people have been here weekly for the last two months, and have caught at least two moles (“they are solitary creatures, and territorial, so you probably only have one”), but today they apparently admitted defeat.

I think I can hear the mole giggling.

You win, mole. You win.


@llvm Note that you can also just use “git apply -R” instead.

The “git show -R” form is useful if you want to look at what the patch looks like reversed before applying it, which is why I tend to do it that way. I’m just more used to seeing patches as “this is what I will do” rather than “this is what I will now reverse”.


I’m clearly a master of SEO.

When I google for “cold dark place filled with sadness and despair” right now (with the quotes), google gives me exactly one result - my Linux kernel github repository.

I will call my new hobby “Reverse Emo Googlewhacking”.

You’re welcome.


@adafruit This looks like that perfect present for any new parents that you really hate.

Can you make the batteries non-removable too? Chef’s kiss


@monsieuricon Hey, do a re-do of Portland from a few years ago.

Because once the AQI is past 500, it’s no longer in the “Hazardous” range, and there are no more angry colors to describe it. So it must be fine. Right?


@wezeldog would you alphabetize “Creamy Tomato Soup” under “C” or with the other Tomato Soups?

I think you’ve picked a fairly untractable problem to solve, but I wish you luck in your endeavors.


@tommythorn strangely, I don’t actually mind imperial measurements. I’m perfectly fine converting C to F and back without any issues, and same for miles and km. I still have no idea how many feet to a mile, but it has never actually come up as an issue.

During travels, I’ve had rental cars that have speedometers in mph, while the posted speed limit is in km/h, and after a short initial confusion about why everybody is driving so slow, I adapt just fine.

I even got used to the strange date order.

But middle of the weekend is not the first day of the week. Not even after living here for more than a quarter century. It’s one of the very few things that still trip me. It happened today, in fact.

Thus the upcoming imperial decree.


@Bryan daylight savings time is right out. Or at least the switching between that and “standard” time.

But that might actually happen here on the west coast one day even without me having to become Grand Pooh-Bah.


PSA: when I’m unanimously elected Grand Pooh-Bah and Emperor - it’s only a matter of time, since the current political model certainly isn’t working - the whole “Sunday is the first day of the week” nonsense in the US calendars will go away.

Just so you know.

Yeah, I can deal with it by just setting my locale to be UK instead of US, and since I’m ok with 24-hour time anyway, that works well for me.

I just want to save everybody else from this insanity. Who is with me?

So to prepare for that inevitable day, I would strongly suggest that any calendaring app writer already make “Monday is the first day of the week” an option. You know it’s what most people think anyway.

Kudos to Google Calendar for getting this right when so few others do (eg the “snooze until” calendar in gmail does not 😒).


@gregkh @jstultz Christ. That’s some true “redneck engineering”. Couldn’t you at least make it just one of those monstrosities, and use a second small USB hub for the camera/microphone?

In unrelated news: How do I unread a post on the Fediverse?


@tommythorn @conor Well, it’s better than coming up with your own way of doing things, and then spending the next two decades fixing up that mess.

ACPI is complicated and messy, but it also has had a quarter century to become well-tested and known. It’s not the pain-point it used to be.

I’ll take a old stable mess (that we have to deal with anyway) over a shiny new mess any day.


@BrideOfLinux yeah, somebody else pointed out that NYtimes has apparently fixed some of their old bad habits.

And it’s not the mobile app being crappy that was one of my peeves. It is what it is.

It was the constant “I’m reading this in the web browser, stop asking me over and over to move to the mobile app” whining that got to me. Please ask me once. Then shut up.

And the “Oh, you clicked on that thing that you need to do other things for” nagging, whether it be wirecutter or the athletic or whatever.

So yeah, the NYtimes experience has had these kinds of constant small annoyances. Which is sad, because the news itself I had no issues with (as a part of my news source, not exclusively, of course).


@powellnathanj lovely. They fixed it at some point since I originally subscribed. Except today I couldn’t actually even get to my account since I couldn’t prove to them I was human.

Maybe they’ve fixed whatever went wrong by now, maybe it was just the smoke in the newsroom, but it’s all moot by now. The phone worked fine.

Edited 6 months ago

@morgthorak I think you might want to make sure you don’t follow me.

Because your “woke communist propaganda” comment makes me think you’re a moron of the first order.

I strongly suspect I am one of those “woke communists” you worry about. But you probably couldn’t actually explain what either of those words actually mean, could you?

I’m a card-carrying atheist, I think a woman’s right to choose is very important, I think that “well regulated militia” means that guns should be carefully licensed and not just randomly given to any moron with a pulse, and I couldn’t care less if you decided to dress up in the “wrong” clothes or decided you’d rather live your life without feeling tied to whatever plumbing you were born with.

And dammit, if that all makes me “woke”, then I think anybody who uses that word as a pejorative is a f*cking disgrace to the human race. So please just unfollow me right now.


@juancnuno it’s not hard to cancel. It’s just really annoying. I at one time tried to use a pre-paid credit card just because I despised that practice so much, but that didn’t work.

If you rely on that kind of behavior to keep your customers, what does that really say about you?

The fact that they have some technical problems right now, and you can’t actually read the articles without going into soem endless captcha hell - who does that idiocy any more anyway - was just the last drop for me.

I didn’t mind subscribing per se.

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